Second-chance Bunnies
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Second-chance Bunnies is a new non-profit organization located in South Florida created by Kaitlin Cabot. Started in 2012, our goal is to educate people about a rabbits requirements so they will be open to adopting a shelter-bunny and providing them the loving home they deserve! By doing this, we believe more people would be ready to give a bunny a "second-chance". We raise rabbit-awareness and help bunnies any way possible to find them their "forever-home"
Along with Second-chance Bunnies organization, there is "Shopz 4 Hopz". Shopz 4 Hopz would like to supply shelters with more rabbit supplies so they can take in more abandoned bunnies. Especially during Easter, many bunnies are dumped at shelters or are released into the wild alone.
We also believe that a few extra toys would be nice for the lonely sheltered rabbits to play with while they wait on their forever homes! We will be accepting donations of chew toys, treats, food and anything else on our wish-list. (Checks will not be necessary)
We encourage you to donate supplies to your local Humane Society's, rescue centers and sanctuary's!!

Every-bunny deserves a second-chance!
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